New York Reading @ Ripley-Grier Studios

"How it was so very dark and yet so very funny. "

"It works. It’s hysterical. It’s high caliber gallows humor. It’s Ali Wong meets American Psycho. It’s the Hello Kitty phenomenon. It’ has a built-in rabid hello kitty fan base just dying to see something like this that will kill to to see it over and over again. lt’s its own Rocky Horror like cult classic It’s a one woman, no frills, Asian culture cult hit that kills. I’m dying to see it again."

"I don’t understand why it’s not already in production. You don’t need a survey to realize what you have here."

"It was very funny, surprisingly so. I also liked the way I was pulled into some specific Chinese culture that I was unaware of. For instance, the bit with the long fingernail. Also, the pronunciation of the word "hai." Also, the opening line of the play is fantastic. Tells the audience right away what kind of a ride we are in for, sets the tone, etc."

It’s a brilliantly crafted piece beginning to end."

it was an excellent reading of a terrific script.

Yes to recommending HKMD to friends and family...only to those who I know would appreciate and find the humor in the darkness. I think that people who liked DEXTER (Showtime series starring Michael C. Hall) would really enjoy this play... but neither Dexter nor HKMD is for everyone. IT did have a very Dexter-ish feel to it, now that I think about it..."

Within a few minutes, I wanted to jump in and produce this. I've already told more than one person that if a full production comes up, I want to take them to see it."

This is a hit show. "


"Loved the unexpected dark turn it takes when it goes from frustrated hymen story to serial killer comedy-drama"

"The voice that Fi has and the unique point of view. I love hearing female stories that break all the norms!"

"The sadistic surprise of murder sprees. I think this is very fun, to lean in to the sick enjoyment that Fiona gets from these adventures. "

"It’s hard to pick one thing! I am still laughing at the mother’s reaction to the Fiancé’s death “oh how terrible - did you eat?” I feel like everyone has that mother (or grandmother perhaps) and it was another moment that connected me to Chinese culture in a very personal way."

Would love to see a full production of this. This is a perfect. Dark, funny, captivating.

I was moved by the flashback scene to pigeons saving her from funny uncle in China. Very visual and powerful."

"The serial killer imagery, and the ways in which Fiona discovered she could control her own life. Great ending, surprising and funny and poetic"

"Hymen stuff was so funny/relatable. Amazing images and clever wordplay. The dates were really vivid. I felt like I was there. The parents were also really clear characters"

I thought the whole play was great. I can't pick a favorite moment, it was all good.

Sweetly, charmingly normalized murder. LOL