Based on novel Hello Kitty Must Die by Angela S. Choi
Adapted for the stage by Kurt Johns and Gail Rastorfer
Dramaturg; Carol Ann Tan

Hello Kitty Must Die has had developmental readings:
in Chicago at Stage 773
, produced by SoloChicago
in L.A., at The Road theatre Summer Playwrights Fest
in New York City, produced by Davenport Theatricals

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In this World Premiere transgressive darkly comedic Solo Play, Fiona Yu, the main character/narrator, is 30 yr old Chinese-American lawyer torn between traditional family, being a fetishized "hello kitty" and her righteous anger as a woman and desire to live her own life, her own way.To avoid parents' plan to marry her off and escape the burden of "family honor", Fiona decides to take her own virginity. In the process, she reunites with her with a long-lost friend, Sean.

While trying to avoid the "nice Chinese boys" her father tries to set her up with and navigate the murky waters of San Francisco’s legal world, Fiona tries out a new life with Sean which consists of fun but platonic dates that always seem to take place the night before a murder victim is discovered. Fiona's father throws her new life into chaos when he dupes her into an engagement to Don Koo, the spoiled son of a wealthy chef. Her world starts to spiral out of control as she battles her bullying new boss, her new fiancé and Sean pulling her farther outside her comfort zone.

Fiona's journey of self-discovery is biting and clever as she embraces her true nature and creates her own version of the American Dream, eliminating--without fear or remorse--anyone who stands in her way. It's a feminist manifesto for Asian women. Think Ali Wong meets Dexter.